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Welcome to the Farm

Local, Sustainable, Organic

Our Mission

Haybale Drawing

Organic and Pasture Fed

Organic farming is no fad on West Town Farm and our soil has been certified organic by the Soil Association for over 30 years. The best part? All of our Hereford cattle are 100%
pasture-fed for life on this luscious land.

Steak Sketch

Slow and Purposeful

Here on the farm, we believe it's important to allow all of our animals to slow-grow to maturity in their natural environment. This practice is not only better for the planet, but also helps to give our meat its incredible taste.

World Sketch

Educated and Connected

It's no secret that we believe everybody should know a little more about where their food comes from. This is why we make sure to connect with not only our shop customers, but also our holiday guests, event attendees and young people.

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What's Happening on The Farm

Camping Only Sign

Camping & Glamping

Pitch up at our peaceful off-grid campsite,
located just 3 miles from Exeter city centre.


Farmshop Sign


Packed with local, organic,
and fair trade produce.


Yoga in the Classroom

Room Hire

Available for meetings,
conferences and workshops.


Tree Planting


Support farm projects directly
by offering your skills.


Farm Trail Sign Posts

Farm Trail

Explore the hidden secrets
of West Town Farm.


Bride in the Farm Yard


Plan the rural wedding of your dreams with
exclusive hire of the farm for the whole weekend.


Shepherd's Hut & Apple Blossom

Shepherd's Hut

Slow down and unwind in
our remote Shepherd's Hut.


Baby in the Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Picking

Join us throughout October for our annual
pumpkin picking events in the heart of Devon.


Beef Meat Box


Succulent beef sourced
directly from our organic farm.


Wellie Rack


Apply for one of our free
educational farm visits.


Cows on Easterbrooks Hill

What does pasture-fed for life mean?

All of our cows and sheep are 100% pasture-fed for life and our meat is certified by Pasture for Life. Allowing our animals to graze on pasture doesn't mean they're limited to a diet of grass however, it also includes a vast range of other plants growing in the sward, such as herbs, wildflowers and legumes such as clover. This means our animals gets a rich and varied diet - something that isn't always the case with grain-based diets.  Cows are natural browsers and they also like to eat foliage from our thick hedgerows. It is this diet, along with our high standards of animal welfare and expert local butchery that helps West Town Farm to produce premium quality marbled meat with a superb flavour.

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