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Farm Shop


Packed with sustainable and locally sourced produce

With a self-service card machine, our on-site farm shop is open from 0900-1600 most days and accepts both cash and card. Whilst the shop is completely self-service, there's usually someone in the yard or office who will be happy to help you. 

Pasture-Fed Beef, Lamb and Pork

We always have a great stock of our frozen beef, lamb and pork in our customer freezers and every 6-8 weeks we have a 'fresh meat week' when new cuts come in.


If you can't find the cut you're looking for, grab a member of staff as we'll probably have it tucked away in a freezer somewhere. In the rare case we don't have what you need, let us know and we can make a special request to our butcher for our next fresh meat week.

Local Dairy Products

We have bi-weekly milk deliveries from Taw River Dairy, who stock us with their gorgeous Golden Creamy Jersey A2 Certified Milk, as well as with various flavours of their ice creams and sorbets. Located in North Tawton, just 20 miles away, Taw River Dairy adopts ethical ‘Calf at Foot’ practices and uses a glass bottle return scheme.

During our camping season we also stock local organic eggs and butter rolls. 


Organic Squash

We seasonally stock our home-grown organic pumpkins and squash available in the shop throughout autumn and winter, including our popular Crown Princes,
Acorn Squash and Uchiki Kuri. 

Delicious in a stew, curry or even as a pot to bake chili con carne in! 

Snacks and Refillables

A perfect pick-me-up for your walk, we stock a wide range of snacks, as well as a small range of cupboard essentials. We have a fantastic range of honey, preserves and peanut butter, all produced locally by friends of the farm.

In addition to our packaged cupboard essentials, we also have a small refillables counter with pasta, rice, oats, sugar and coffee. Simply weigh out how much you need and take it away in your own container or a brown bag. 


Local Eco-Friendly Soaps

Our eco-friendly soap range smells amazing, and better still, you won't find palm oil in the products we stock and none of the soaps have been tested on animals.

The Pure Olive Oil Soap is perfect for those with sensitive skin, whilst the Dartmoor Soap Company range makes a divine treat for yourself or gorgeous present to take home. 

Fire Pit Hire

We have a small number of fire pits available for hire in our 'camper's corner' of the shop. Each fire-pit comes with a grill and spatula so you can transform it into a BBQ with some of our fantastic burgers and sausages.

Locally made charcoal, wood and kindling kits are also available, so there's no need to pre-pack bulky BBQs or ration your fire-pit wood throughout your stay. 


Who Do We Stock?

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