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View of the Farmyard from the Orchard

The Farm

Haybale Sketch

270 acres of organic land in the heart of Devon 

Split across two location, with 170 acres on the main farm site and an additional 100 acres at the Barton in Shillingford Abbot, West Town Farm is a high-welfare livestock farm that has been tended by Andy and his family for decades. Originally a dairy farm, producing milk and yogurt, the farm is now made up of a herd of Hereford-Cross beef cattle who graze on the organic grass, hay and silage all year long. 

View over Halscombe Lane

West Town Farm is an organic, high-welfare livestock farm situated just outside the village of Ide. The farm has been organic since 1983 and farmed by the Bragg family since 1949. Andy and the team are passionate about regenerative farming. We are also a versatile venue, you can camp, glamp or hold your wedding or other events here.

Originally a dairy farm, producing milk and yogurt, the farm is now made up of a herd of Hereford beef cattle who graze on 100% grass, hay and silage all year. As well as species rich pasture bordered by wild hedgerows, we also have orchards and a woodland. We encourage visitors to the farm by walking the farm trail, where you can pass through many different habitats and see regenerative farming in action.

Wild Garlic Along the Path in Chillies Woods
Apple Blossom in the Sunset

What does regenerative mean? It means that the method of farming we do here not only produces meat of superb quality but protects and encourages the regeneration of eco systems by building biodiversity. From deep down in the soil to the tops of the trees, from the wonderful earthworm to the elusive hawfinch, everything we do here is designed to allow more life to flourish.

Cows on a Sunny Day

We do this by creating different habitats and using rotational or ‘mob’ grazing methods which allows the pastures to regenerate quickly and allows the wild plants to seed, grow and become more abundant. More flowers, more insects. More insects, more birds. The cows are happy and healthy and they love being moved regularly, as this mimics their natural inclinations.

Farm Team Photo

Meet the Team

Andy -  the farmer, has been here since a boy, knows everything about organic farming & cows

Kate (and Rusty the dog) - lives on the farm, an experienced herdsperson, working with both cattle and sheep

Grace - event and farm manager plus a bit of everything else

Hannah - PHD student at Exeter University & volunteer, researching regenerative farming

Peter - arrived to help with the cows in summer and ended up staying a year

Sarah - assistant manager, occasional herdsperson & keeps the yard flowery in summer

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