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Recommended Resources


A Selection of Our Favourite Educational Resources

Here at West Town Farm, education is central to almost everything we do. We really want our visitors and guests to understand how the natural environment works, why it's important and how we can protect it. As a farm, we are passionate about ensuring that we farm sustainably and support a rich diversity of wildlife on our land.



The Soil Association

The Landworkers' Alliance

Book: 'Rooted - Stories of Life, Land and a Farming Revolution' by Sarah
Book: 'Regenerative Agriculture - A Practical Whole Systems Guide to
      Making Small Farms Work' by Richard Perkins
Book: 'Wilding' by Isabella Tree
Author: Joel Salatin

Podcast: 'Wicked Leeds' by Guy Singh Watson 

Film: 'The Biggest Little Farm'


Meat and Cooking

Book: 'Meat - A Benign Extravagance' by Simon Fairlie

Book: 'Pigs & Pork - River Cottage Handbook No. 14' by Gill 

Cookbook: 'Too Good to Waste' by Victoria Glass

Cookbook: '30 Easy Ways to Join the Food Revolution' by Ollie Hunter

Meat and Cooking
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