Our meat

At West Town Farm we believe in working together with the land to produce the finest organic meat which is ethically and sustainably produced. By only growing British breeds at a natural pace and feeding a wholesome diet of organic Devon grass for our cattle and sheep, and a traditional menu of organic vegetables for our Oxford Black pigs, we carefully raise the highest quality meat in tranquil surroundings to deliver fresh, full and unbeatable flavour. 

The range of our meat includes:


All our beef is Hereford Cross, bred here on the farm and specially chosen because of their full flavour and the unparalleled succulence of their meat. Our cattle are 100% pasture-fed for their entire lives, and slowly grown until they naturally reach maturity at around two-and-a-half-years old. Slow growing and mob grazing the animals in unison with their natural environment helps us to achieve consistent taste, texture and excellent marbling in all our beef. All of our beef is hung on the bone for at least three weeks, to tenderise and cure the meat and increase a rich and sumptuous depth of flavour. 

Sirloin, Rump, Rib-eye & Feather Steak | Skirt | Shin | Topside Joint | Burgers | Mince



Our Oxford Black pigs are fully free-range and raised to around eight months. They lead an active, outdoor life, spending their time grazing and foraging, happily scoffing their way through an excess of organic pumpkins, squashes and apples grown here on the farm and naturally getting all the vitamins and minerals they need from the rich soil on the farm. This outdoor lifestyle and additive-free diet ensures their meat has a rich flavour and a wonderful texture.

Leg | Shoulder |Tenderloin | Rolled Loin | Steak | Pork Chop | Belly | Diced Pork | Minced Pork | Bacon
Sausages: Chipolata | Plain Pork | Pork and Black Pepper | Pork and Apple |Gluten Free

If you are interested in a particular cut of meat not mentioned above please contact us with your individual request.