Farming is a way of life, providing the food that we all need to eat and maintaining important skills, traditions and jobs. This organic farm produces pasture fed beef from our 120 cattle that we have here.We also have some outdoor pigs and sheep. So we have  beef, pork and lamb available from our farm shop as well as potatoes, apples, squash and pumpkins. 

We're part of the Environmental Stewardship scheme, which provides government support for managing this traditional mixed farm in order to protect wildlife. It also supports educational access as we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the countryside and understand farming - so hopefully we'll see you at our next farm event!

You can even hold your own events here at the farm, from meetings to Weddings and Birthday Parties, the farm is a fantastic venue for any occasion.

Andy Bragg - Farmer

We hope that you enjoy exploring the farm through this website as much as we enjoy working here at West Town. Click the Farm Trail sign below and start your farm visit now!


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