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Why buy local meat?


3 reasons:

Food miles

Eating local food decreases your carbon footprint. When your food doesn't travel long distances you are promoting better air quality and reducing pollution. These days it is so easy to nip into a supermarket. But the distances some of this food has travelled to get to those shelves can be quite staggering especially processed food. By buying your food from our farm shop you know that the food miles that the products have travelled are at a minimum.


Our animals are taken to Gages Farm slauhgterhouse at Ashburton to be killed. Mike who works for me takes them down in the landrover and cattle trailer. The animals are also butchered at this site and the meat is packed by Malcolm Patey. We know the whole story from farm to the shop.

All our beef is from animals reared on our farm.

The pork for this Christmas is from a Mr. Hackett in the Cotswolds. These are outdoor organic pigs. We are hoping to have our own pigs again in January.

The lamb is from an organic farm in the South Hams.

Our sheep will also be lambing in December and January and ready for the table in July , August 2019.

The milk is from Taw River Dairy which is another 'pasture for life' farm based near Okehampton

Our apples are from our orchards

Our squash ; Crown Prince and Uchiki Kuri are grown in our own fields

We hope to have mistletoe and holly by 10 Dec-- all very local from again from our own land.

Good for the local economy

Buying your food from us at West Town Farm ensures that the money you spend stays in the local economy. You will be supporting our local farmers and producers. At every stage from the care on the farm to the packing of the meat you know that we do as much as possible locally ensuring that all the work and jobs that done to our products is done by a local workforce ensuring employment for those people involved.

You can also build connections with your local community just by coming to the farm, going for a walk and meeting some of our lovely staff

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