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Hawfinches and silage

Most of the cows have been brought in for the winter months. Our biggest bull (Kudos) is in the yard and what a sight he is! He loves a good scratch behind the ear. When skiving from work I can been found feeding him bits of silage and trying to befriend him.

We've kept one group of cows out in the field. We make beds out of straw to keep them warm and off the mud.

We hosted a dinner party for 30 in our classroom. It was a fantastic night. We cooked a three course meal, lit the fire and decorated the room. All our guests needed to do was turn up and eat. If you wanted to enquire about a similar evening or general use of space please do get in touch.

December has been a month of planning for the new year. New ideas for the farm. Birthday parties, music evenings, pop-up dining, farm educational walks and much more.

We have spotted many bird watchers around the village? Reports from them say they have seen Hawfinches, Fieldfare and Redwing. They like the nut from the Field Maple tree, plus the pips that are left over from what the rabbits and the worms didn’t want from the apples.

Next month we have Dizraeli performing on the farm. On Saturday 13th January he will be playing an intimate gig in our classroom. This is a rare opportunity to see an amazing artist perform to such a small crowd. Go to our event section in the website for ticket info.

We also have a Soil Workshop on the 30th January. These courses are relevant to farmers and growers, and gardeners – and the likes of gardening/agricultural researchers and journalists. The focus of the day will be practical, considering how the soil health principles discussed apply in real life and how we translate them into practice. It will act as a good introduction for those wanting to get started on both understanding soil biology and supporting its healthy development. Again for more info go to our event page on the website.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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