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November 2017

A big thank you to everyone who made it to our Apple and Pumpkin day. It was a HUGE success. The farm was full of people, so nice to see it so busy. Plans are underway for next year already. Thinking a bit more mulled cider and some exciting new trails.

Our very small bull Lalo has in fact done the “job” and 11/13 cows are now in calf. I have to say we were all pretty surprised. All the straw bales are a quite rough this year due to the wet weather and not properly having the chance to dry out. However the wet weather has made for brilliant hay bales, a good crop of pumpkins and lows of grass in the fields for the cows. The last calf of the season came out 3 weeks late and was a big boy!

We’ve been trying out a new style of grazing : ‘mob grazing’. This involves moving the cows on every few days or so. Grazing grass in this way is great for the health of the land but also benefits the animals and the wildlife.There is the old saying ‘ Never leave the sheep long enough in the same field to hear the church bell ring twice’.

One of our WOOFERS ‘Dylan’ has built us a fantastic new chicken shed. It’s huge and can only been moved by a tractor. Not sure the chickens quite know how to cope with the upgrade.

Educational visits are back and we’ve had lot’s a schools through the gates already. Really important that children are learning about farming and where there food comes from.

If you’re looking for a venue to book a pre Christmas get together please get in touch, we’re happy to cater for such functions. Our classroom with the log burner lit and some candles along a dinner table looks beautiful.

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