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My Year at West Town Farm

So I’ve completed my first year at West Town Farm, I’ve helped a cow calf, cut the skirt off a bridesmaids dress to stop it dragging in the mud, herded sheep with the MET office, amongst many other things. I’ve definitely laughed a lot and been pooped on more times than I ever thought I would be. This all seems to be in a day's work and no day has ever been the same. Looking forward to another year!

Helen, Andy and the rest of the team have been busy checking the cows. This time of year you have to be really cautious of their eyes as the flies are out in full force. We currently have 130 cows and it takes a long time to check them all. It hasn't been the best August for working outside, at points it has felt like winter. The rain has had a positive effect on the pumpkins and squash though. Our carving pumpkins will be HUGE this year.

We have two bulls on the farm now, just in case our first one isn’t up to the job. The newest one is called Kudos. When walking your dogs along the farm trail look out for signs and please keep your dogs on leads.

The train line took a different lease of life this month. Alex and Emily held their ceremony along it. 120 crammed underneath the old bridge. It was spectacular and so different. The weather actually held.

Ide School will be hosting a barn dance at the farm on the 30th September. Tickets are available from the village shop, the school or us. £10pp 8pm-11pm. Bar and food available.

Devon Open Studios takes place between 16th-24th September. This is an opportunity for artist across the county to open up their unique work spaces. organicARTS are using old books to create various works around the farm, whilst Iain Jamieson will be sculpting a mystical creature in the stream. Check out the website for more info

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