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What a busy year!

Things begin to quieten down now on the farm...especially on the event side of things. What a wonderful season it's been though.

After a wet start to the year and having to cancel our 'Spring at the Farm' event, I did panic that it would be an omen of the year to come. Luckily, this was far from the case.

In May, we had the lovely Scripts for Supper (Annie McKenzie) bring 3 weekends of entertainment. Food and theatre all rolled together and acted out as you eat your delicious food provided by various chefs from Masterchef. The cast were lovely and we had all become accustomed to the yard being full of song on rehearsal days. All 6 nights were a sell out!

We also hosted Future Growers, ran by the Soil Association. This is a chance for young growers to come together and meet like-minded people, go and visit farmers and hear their stories. We provide a base for them in our camping field and cook them a big meal in the evening.

May brought the first run of children's birthday parties as well. We offer a tractor trailer ride and open up the straw bale den. The kids love it, plus it gives them the freedom to run about in a safe environment.