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Meat Eating

Meat eating.

Should we eat meat at all if we want to do the best for the planet? I am a Devon farmer and I believe we should. I think that some meat in our diet is healthy. If farmed traditionally or as prescribed by the Pasture for Life group of farmers carbon sequestration can take place and therefore the harmful effects of livestock can be mitigated and more. I think the way that we farm here at West Town Farm can be part of the solution to global warming, not part of the problem.

One of the problems with the argument against meat eating is the assumption that all meat production is the same - all bad.

I agree that there are huge environmental problems caused by feeding grain to livestock, whether on Argentinian / US feed-lots or closer to home in the UK. But here in Devon we do things differently, and some of us do them very differently.

My fields are situated just west of Ide, Exeter. Much of the land is hilly, those rolling Devon hills. Yup. There is little else that I can do with this land other than grow pasture, which means the most efficient way of turning pasture into a living is by keeping livestock, in my case organic beef and lamb.

West Town Farm is a member of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association( PFLA).--see website. We are a group of 358 farmers throughout the UK. We produce beef, lamb and dairy products from animals that are reared throughout their lives on a diet that is 100% pasture. Pasture means a mixture of grasses, herbs and wild flowers. There are approximately 60