Meat box 

Please note this is only for the Exeter area.

We'll only delivery to EX1 , EX2, EX3, EX4 and EX6 postcodes.

Deliveries will take place on the 19th August 5pm-7pm. 

We'll deliver to your door within the 2 hour time frame you will have to be at home during the allocated slot as each box contains a frozen item/s.


Our beef is certified pasture for life and we hang it for three weeks to cure and tenderise the meat.


We have 4 different boxes to choose from. 


To ensure your safety our staff will wear gloves when packing. We'll sanitise our hands in between each delivery. Once we get to your door we'll knock and leave the box on your  doorstep. We'll wait to see you answer the door but from a safe distance.  

Please specify whether you would like plain or chill burgers.


All box prices include delivery.


Please find details of each box below:

Small meat box £26.00

  • Honeyroast sausages (FROZEN) 

  • Beef Mince 400g 

  • Braising steak 400g 

  • Burgers x 4 (please let us know if you would like plain or chilli flavour) (FROZEN) 

Medium meat box £40.00

  • Topside roasting joint 1kg 

  • Rumpsteak x 2 (200g/8oz each) 

  • Braising steak 400g 

  • Beef mince 400g 

Large meat box £59

  • Topside roasting joint 1.5kg 

  • Beef mince 400g 

  • Sirloin steaks x 2 (200g/8oz each) 

  • Burgers x 4 (either chilli or plain please specify on purchase-FROZEN)

  • Braising steak 400g

  • Honey roast Sausages x 8 (FROZEN)

BBQ Meat box £25

  • Minute steaks x 400g (Great for flash frying - marinade first if you can) 

  • Burgers x 4 (please let us know if you would like plain or chilli flavour- FROZEN) 

  • Honeyroast sausages x 8 (FROZEN) 

Eggs - Please only add eggs to a meat box order. Eggs not to be ordered separately.


Click on the image below to purchase your box.

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