Meat Boxes 

Please note this is only for the Exeter area.

We only deliver to EX1, EX2, EX3, EX4 and EX6 postcodes.

Deliveries will take place on the 21st June 5.00pm-7:30pm.

We'll deliver to your door within the time frame, if you are not going to be home for delivery please let us know of a safe place to leave it.


Our beef is certified pasture for life and we hang it for three weeks to cure and tenderise the meat.

Our gammon is cured in salt for 6 weeks. 

We have a large range of different boxes to choose from and many of them are customisable.

To ensure your safety our staff will wear gloves when packing. We'll sanitise our hands in between each delivery. Once we get to your door we'll knock and leave the box on your  doorstep. We'll wait to see you answer the door but from a safe distance.  


All prices include delivery within Exeter.

Please click on the image below to purchase.