Christmas meat boxes 

Please note this is only for the Exeter area.

We only deliver to EX1, EX2, EX3, EX4 and EX6 postcodes.

Deliveries will take place on the 23rd December 5.00pm-8.00pm.

We'll deliver to your door within the 3 hour time frame, if you are not going to be home for delivery please let us know of a safe place to leave it.


Our beef is certified pasture for life and we hang it for three weeks to cure and tenderise the meat.

Our gammon is cured in salt for 6 weeks. 

We have 4 different boxes and various roasting joints to choose from.

To ensure your safety our staff will wear gloves when packing. We'll sanitise our hands in between each delivery. Once we get to your door we'll knock and leave the box on your  doorstep. We'll wait to see you answer the door but from a safe distance.  


All prices include delivery.


Please find details of each box below:

Christmas Trimmings Box - £45.00

  • 20 x cocktail sausages

  • 1.5kg Gammon joint (uncooked)

  • Unsmoked streaky bacon (8 rashers)

  • 500g Sausage meat 

 Large meat box £95.00

  • 2kg Beef roasting joint 

  • 2kg Gammon joint (uncooked)

  • 20 x Cocktail sausages

  • 500g Sausage meat 

  • Unsmoked streaky bacon (8 rashes)

  • 400g Beef mince 

  • 400g Braising steak

Medium meat box £58.00

  • 1.5kg Rolled rib roasting joint

  • 10 x Chipolata sausages 

  • 500g Sausage meat

  • Beef mince 400g

  • 2 x Rumpsteak (200g/8oz each)

Small meat box £30.00

  • 10 x Chipolata sausages 

  • Beef Mince 400g

  • Minute steaks x 400g (Great for flash frying - marinade first if you can)

  • 400g Braising steak

  • 500g Sausage meat

Roasting joints - various prices 

  • Topside roasting joint 1.5kg - £25.00

  • Topside roasting joint 2kg - £32.50

  • Rolled rib roasting joint 1.5kg -£30.00

  • Rolled rib roasting joint 2kg - £39.00

  • Leg of lamb (boneless) 1.5kg - £30.00

  • Lamb shoulder (boneless) 1.5kg - £26.00

Please click on the image below to purchase.

Preparing and cooking gammon:

  • Soak the gammon in fresh cold water for 12 -24 hours (change the water after 12 hours)

  • Par boil in gently simmering water (you can put onions, carrots in the water for extra flavour)

  • Remove the gammon from the pan, cool slightly then cut off the rind leaving a thin layer of fat covering the ham.

  • Score across the fat diagonally in opposite directions to make a diamond pattern.

  • Place the gammon in a pan , cover with honey and mustard mix. Cook in the oven with tin foil on top. 

  • Remove tin foil for the last half an hour of cooking to brown off the top

  • For cooking times search the internet for the size joint you have

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