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Better late than never....

We’ve been very quiet on the blog side of things of late. The last few months have been very busy on the farm...I often forget to update our blog! In my defense, I do send out a monthly newsletter with various things that are taking place on the farm!

The cows are all still in the barns. We’re desperate to let them out but due to the rain rain and more rain (oh and snow….twice!!) we haven’t been able to. We have water coming out of everywhere at the moment. Bring on sunshine I say!

March was chaotic, to say the least! A snow day for most means a little sledge in the morning followed by a cozy afternoon at home. Not for the farm team! A good 12 hour day was spent filling up any containers we could get our hands on and delivering water to all the troughs across the farm. The settled snow had such a thick layer of ice on it, it caused some of the cows to cut their feet. It looked like a horror film in parts of the yard!

We’ve had six calves so far and plenty more expected. No problems with any of the new arrivals or their Mums. A few teets that are difficult for the calves to latch onto but we’re draining some of the milk to help mother and calf along.

The farm itself is preparing for our annual ‘Spring at the Farm’ event, which takes place this month on Sunday, April 22nd. Think tractor trailer rides, pig feeding, farm trails, BBQ, storytelling, the very special musical stylings of POCO DROM and much much more. Please go to our event section of the website for more info.

Nigel Hewitt is back for another seasonal bird walk. This time of year the farm is alive with wildlife and what better way to see it than a guided walk by our resident expert! We’ll be serving homemade cakes and coffees/teas afterwards. This will take place on Saturday 28th April, meet in the farm yard for 9am.

We have a couple of spaces available over the summer if you would like to hire the farm: family BBQ, pop-up dining, birthday party, camping trip etc. Please contact

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