The Story Of A Field - a short history

The story of a field- a short history The field in it's present form has a name. Big Field. It consists of 132 acres. It was part of the Barton farm at Shillingford Abbot. It was created in 1965/1966 when my father and uncle bought the land from Mr. Paul. He had farmed it as 9 fields. With the aid of government grants my father and uncle grubbed up the hedges to create one large field. It can be seen from many a vantage point on the Haldon Hills looking north east. How do you know what to look for? It's the biggest, vast expanse of one field that you see. Before then it had various owners and the Barton farmstead once consisted of a grain mill, that was powered by water via leats, that are s

Why buy local meat?

WHY BUY LOCAL? 3 reasons: Food miles Eating local food decreases your carbon footprint. When your food doesn't travel long distances you are promoting better air quality and reducing pollution. These days it is so easy to nip into a supermarket. But the distances some of this food has travelled to get to those shelves can be quite staggering especially processed food. By buying your food from our farm shop you know that the food miles that the products have travelled are at a minimum. Traceability Our animals are taken to Gages Farm slauhgterhouse at Ashburton to be killed. Mike who works for me takes them down in the landrover and cattle trailer. The animals are also butchered at this site

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