Woofers and Weddings

Well...didn’t August come around quickly? I don’t know if I’ve stopped at all this month! D’arts fest was a success and was enjoyed by everyone, what a great festival! Such a lovely environment for all to relax in. We’ve just finished our second wedding of the summer, with two more coming up in August. There is something very special sharing the farm with a couple on their BIG day...plus I get to eat plenty of cake and our delicious pork from the hog roast! No injuries reported from the barn dance, just a few sore heads the next morning. It was so much fun and our legs ached for about a week afterwards. We’ve had a lot of educational visits over the past month or so, so the farm will feel

My Year at West Town Farm

So I’ve completed my first year at West Town Farm, I’ve helped a cow calf, cut the skirt off a bridesmaids dress to stop it dragging in the mud, herded sheep with the MET office, amongst many other things. I’ve definitely laughed a lot and been pooped on more times than I ever thought I would be. This all seems to be in a day's work and no day has ever been the same. Looking forward to another year! Helen, Andy and the rest of the team have been busy checking the cows. This time of year you have to be really cautious of their eyes as the flies are out in full force. We currently have 130 cows and it takes a long time to check them all. It hasn't been the best August for working outside, at p

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