Our Produce

"I have just cooked the most amazing roast beef dinner and am looking forward to the leftovers for tomorrow's dinner too! I'm totally converted!"

Chrissi Peg, customer, March 2014

At West Town Farm we believe in managing the land organically, caring for the animals to the highest standards and conserving the wildlife that lives along side us.

We want to offer everyone in the surrounding area the chance to enjoy eating traditionally farmed, amazing quality organic meat at a price that is fair to all.

We keep Beef cattle, Oxford and Sandy Black (a traditional breed) Pigs and Lamb on the farm. We are a high welfare farm rearing our livestock organically. 

We sell our produce on the farm from our self service farm shop, Mostly from frozen but we do occasionally have fresh meat weeks. If you would like to be notified before Fresh Meat weeks so you can place an order please email Sian. The farm shop is open everyday from 9 until 5 pm. Our Meat is also available from the Real Food Store on Paris street in central Exeter.

Beef cattle

Our main enterprise is beef farming. We have 120 cattle on the farm. Of these we have 40 mother cows, all Hereford crosses. We have a Hereford Bull, Laxfield Bonanza, and he sires all the mother cows to produce calves. the calves stay with their mums for 8 months before they are weaned. Our beef is pretty special as it is 100% pasture fed, we are members of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association and as such we only feed our cattle grass and silage for the whole of each animals life. The benefits of pasture feeding to both the animal and the consumer are boundless. All the Silage and hay which the animals are fed and most of the straw that we bed them down with in winter is all grown here on the farm.


We have a small group of Oxford Sandy and Blacks. Our pigs are kept outside all year where they can root through soil giving the the iron that they need to stay healthy. At any one time we may have 1 boar, 3 sows , 4 gilts( young sows that have not had piglets yet) and about 10 older store or meat pigs. Each sow may have between 5 and 12 piglets. They stay with their Mum until 8 weeks old. The pigs we keep for meat normally leave us between 6-9 months or when they reach 70kg.


We keep a very small flock of sheep at the farm. We have recently purchased 6 in-lamb ewes. They are Shropshire sheep. Shropshires have a unique characteristic which makes them especially useful to us. They do not eat trees so hopefully will be ideal for our orchards. They also graze our orchards and manage the pasture in a traditional way controling the height of the grass providing an ideal habitat for smaller animals e.g. voles and insect species. We also currently keep a flock of castrated male lambs which will be leaving the fam soon.

As well as livestock we dedicate a small area of the farm to growing Organic Desiree potatoes and a range of squashes. We plant a different mix of squash seeds every year but the selection always includes Crown Prince Squash, Uchiki Kuri and Pumpkins. 

The valley that the farm is situated in used to be full of apple orchards, we have three here at West Town that grow a range of apples from small sour cider apples to sweet delicious Rose Russets.