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Spring is in the air!

Friday February 24th 2017

A big thank you to everyone who came along to our walk hosted by Nigel Hewitt. It was enjoyed by all and the weather was good. Nigel can recognise the birds just from their song, he’s a really good, very engaging host! We saw a Kestrel, a Raven, lots of Skylarks, a Red Legged Partridge, a Redwing, a Gray wag tail and heard the song of a Mistle Thrush. After the walk we had tea and cake. Thank you to OrganicARTS for running the donation cafe. Watch this space for future walks.

We’ve had 4 new lambs born this week and there are more expected. It’s amazing seeing them discover the world for themselves.And what’s more all the ewes are doing really well. Our lovely woofer Zia is enjoying looking after them. Other new life is popping through in form of snowdrops and daffodils.Spring is in the air. Plus this month the clocks go back, hooray!

Our TB results came back inconclusive, we had 4 cows will need to be retested in April.

At this time of year when our trees and hedges are dormant and asleep it was traditional years ago to lay some of the hedges on a farm. Over recent years this tradition has almost  disappeared from the countryside mainly because of the flailed hedgecutter driven by a tractor. This can keep the hedge trimmed and looking in good order. Hedges act as boundaries between fields and between neighbouring farms. They also act as stock proof fences. On this farm that means cattle and sheep.

But even with the flail cutter some of our hedges are getting 'gappy' in the bottom of the hedge. This means that the hedge is not stock proof and the cattle/sheep on the farm can just walk through the hedge, through the boundary of the field.
This year with the help of our neighbour we are laying a hedge on the farm. The process involves pulling out the brambles and any old metal fences that have been allowed to get growed in. Selecting suitable 2-3" wide trees e.g hazel, hawthorn,blackthorn, field maple or holly. These are split in half carefully with a billhook and lent over parallel with the ground but laid slightly uphill so the sap can rise. We use wooden hooks to keep these little trees in place to the groun and on and on it goes.

Once again we host D’art Fest- a weekend of arts and music for people with learning disabilities and their friends/families.There are creative workshops, musicians, dance, farm walks, fun and games, and of course food and drink to be enjoyed. If you would like to help in any way- homemade cakes would be most appreciated,(they sold out too quickly last year!) or if anyone would like a small stall to sell anything that you think would go down well at the festival please do get in touch with either Judith on 07879896551 or Grace on 01392 811257. D’Arts Fest 2017 takes place on the 8th & 9th July.

The farm shop is full of sausages. We’ve got pork and apple, plain, gluten free and pork and apple. The freezers are full of other delights as well  roasting joints, bacon, many different cuts of steak, neck of lamb and much much more.