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January News

Friday January 20th 2012

Hello, and a somewhat belated Happy New Year from all of us here at the farm!

We were looking forward to a bit of a quiet time over Christmas but it eluded us. Mike and Paul have been busy re-fencing our fields and we acquired two litters of incredibly cute spotty piglets, though one looks uncannily like Groucho Marx.

Fieldfare taking flight

Now it seems like spring is already upon us and we expect to see snowdrops along the stream any day now. Birds also appear to be making the most of the relatively mild winter and the farm has been visited by Fieldfares, an RSPB Red Status listed species.

Human activity has centred on events for this year. Andy is organising a series of talks for Transition Exeter on food and farming. The inaugural  talk is on Thursday 9th February at 7pm, speakers Sir Harry Studholme, of the Perridge Estate, and Melanie Squires, Regional Director of the NFU, will be discussing, “Traditional farming and land use around Exeter, including forestry.” The talks are taking place at the Jury’s Inn, Western Way, Exeter and tickets are £3.

If you would like to come and volunteer on the farm and are keen on your apples then we’ll be doing four volunteering days in the orchards on 18th and 22nd of February, then the 14th and 17th of March, from 10am-4pm with lunch provided. Preferably drop us an email if you’d like to come along but you can just rock up on the day.

Lastly we’ve set up an email list for those interested in farm news and events. If you’d like to be added email and let us know.

Hope to see you on the farm soon,