The Team

Andy - the farmer

Andy Bragg is the farmer here, following in the footsteps of the last three generations of the Bragg family. Andy's great grandfather rented neighbouring Whiddon Farm in 1896 and his grandfather took on the tenancy of West Town Farm in 1949. Andy's father Roy then followed in 1953 and then Andy himself in 1983 - all tenants of the Church Commissioners who are the landowners. Andy decided to farm organically in 1992, first producing organic milk and now organic beef. He is a keen environmentalist and loves to engage the public in learning more about where their food comes from.

Jenny - farm resident  

Jenny is Andy’s partner and has lived with him at the farm since 2007. Though she currenlty works for South West Water Jenny has been a Geography and Environmental Science teacher, as well as a fieldwork tutor at Slapton Ley Field Centre. She has mostly worked with A Level and GCSE students so she is the main contact for students of this age-group who want to use the farm for fieldwork and other activities. Jenny is interested in ecology and sustainability so she enjoys being on an organic farm.

Alex - farm stockman

Having grown up in the middle of Dorset Alex has had a connection with farming since he was very small, and it's what he's always wanted to be involved in! With that aim he studied agriculture at Reading Uni, graduating in 2012. Alex came to West Town mostly with the aim to learn more about working with cattle, and to just gain more experience. One day he'd like to farm for himself, but that wont be for a while! In the meantime he helps Andy on the farm during the week and every other weekend so Andy can have some time off!

Winston - the farm dog

The term 'farm dog' is loosely applid to Winston as he's not a properly trained collie but is actually a rescue dog. Nobody knows where Winston came from but he was living wild in the woodland around the farm and eating out of local bins until he became friends with the other dogs on the farm and gradually became tame enough that Andy and Jenny could take him in, now lives in the farm house with them. Winston is happiest when he's out and about on the farm with Andy, though he's less fond of the wash he normally needs on their return. 

Andy the farmer Jenny runs educational visits for older children Alex sexes a calf Winston the farm dog